Posted on 28th July 2022

Day 1

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I would like to share something that I wrote down on the day I decided to start this organization.  This document is at the very core of what Restoring Pride is working every day to achieve.  Dated 01May2019 It reads,

               “-Sobriety is not a pre-requisite for a stable housing situation.

               -Residents will be required to agree to a minimum stay of 1 year.

               -Mental health, medical, HIV, VA and other social services will be readily available to all residents on-site.

-Residents will have the right to refuse medical care and/or treatment.

-Residents will have the same rights and responsibilities as any other person in this country.

-It will be the ultimate goal of each resident to successfully transition themselves back into the community as a self-sufficient, fully functioning member of society.

-It is the duty of this program to offer a foundation of mental health and social services to each resident while placing the responsibility to determine any and all additional needs and specific problem areas that should be addressed and solved while participating in this program.

-Community involvement must be made a key component in the daily life while participating in this program.  Outreach, volunteer opportunities, and social events/gatherings will be made regularly available to each resident.”

I hope by sharing this document that I sat down and wrote before everything else offers you a better understanding of how our model separates itself from all others operating today.  Hopefully, you may even feel more confident in the success Restoring Pride will prove as we grow and begin to get our hands dirty in the LGBTQ Community.  Your support is always appreciated, in whatever form that may take.