Posted on 19th June 2019


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As we near the end of Pride Month 2019, it’s a chance for our LGBTQ Community to reflect on what we are most proud of: ourselves and all members of the LGBTQ Community, the recognition of full equality for LGBTQ citizens, our renewed commitment to building our Community and our communities.

However, Pride also offers a chance to look more deeply at the things we may not be so proud of. One of those is the increasing abuse of drugs within our Community and the homelessness that results from it. We are facing an epidemic of homelessness, here at home and around the world: members of our LGBTQ community, ranging from their teens to their 80s, are finding themselves homeless. And what is worse is they are finding themselves ignored and marginalized because the twin stigmas of homelessness and addiction to drugs like crystal meth. Those who can and should offer a helping hand, aren’t offering.

John Kennedy was fond of quoting Luke, saying “To those whom much is given, much is required.” We have been given so much, both individually and as a Community. Let us dedicate ourselves during Pride 2019 to give back and help these vulnerable members of our Community.